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Trusted update management solution

AutoUpdate+ provides a quick and easy way to integrate an update management solution with your application. Save the cost and effort of having to write your own application update tool. In less than 5 minutes you too can use the solution trusted to manage the updates of 1000's of companies around the world.


Some of the benefits of using AutoUpdate+:

  • Keep your customers happy by deploying to them the latest version of your application.
  • Increase application security by rapidly deploying security patches and bug fixes.
  • Save the time, effort and difficulty of building an application update solution that works across various Windows operating platforms, including Vista and Windows 7.
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Quick feature list

Royalty free client distribution with full support for gateway proxies, HTTP authentication, custom images and update text, multi-lingual interface, scheduled checks, non-privileged user account updates, cumulative and incremental updates...

Why use AutoUpdate+?

  • Language support: We support more languages than any competing autoupdate solution! Our update client will automatically display in your customer's language locale, reducing your overall international support costs and challenges.
  • Easy to use configuration interface for building, managing and deploying updates
  • No programming needed. No DLLs, no APIs, no clumsy integration interfaces.
  • Deploy files, create shortcuts, update the registry and manage services as part of your application update tasks
  • Highly configurable: File decompression, reboot PC to update locked files, run as a service (no admin account needed) or register DLLs
  • The only application update tool that reliably runs on Windows Vista, an operating system that will soon be standard.
  • Intelligent design: non-intrusive client launch mode, multiple deployment options, undo on failure, cumulative and incremental updates and much, much more.
  • Admin account not required. The integrated Permission Manager Service allows restricted or non-admin users to also run application updates. The service also allows updates without the Vista UAC prompts.

Try it now

View our screenshots or download our trial to see how easy it is to integrate AutoUpdate+ with your application.

Current release

Version: 5.3
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Easy to use

Integrate our application update solution with your software in less than 5 minutes.

No programming is needed.

No messy APIs and script files.

Step 1 - Build update client
Step 2 - Deploy files
Step 3 - Test update

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What customers say

"Your product has made deployment to thousands damn near painless! I've been developing software for over 10 years and man... thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Ari Rule (Lead Dev), BrokeAss Games, USA

"We rolled out an application to 4000 locations in Belgium for Euromex NV. AutoUpdate+ makes it possible to maintain our fast changing applications in a timely manner, with minimal cost and effort."

Raf Quintens, QSolutions BVBA, Belgium

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